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Utica,纽约冬季平均气温27.4华氏度。你需要一个绝缘良好的车库门来保持室内的热和室外的冷。There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Get more than just R value.准备一个车库门,有隔热和挡风雨条,以防寒冷进入车库。

Many certified installers serving Utica

Many certified installers serving Utica

Your door is only as good as its installation.That's why GARAGA offers its customers a network of certified installers.From Johnstown,NY to Guilford,NY to Fort Plain,NY,you can benefit from over 35 years of combined experience with GARAGA products.


As a retired engineer,我知道专业的工作和举止。我毫无保留地推荐它们,并期待着安装我的新Garaga门。

We have not been this pleased with customer service in a very long time.服务非常及时,很专业。


Our dealers in Utica & surrounding areas

Colonial Overhead Doors

1272 State Highway 67
Johnstown,NY,United States,12095


715 Brookman's Corners Rd
平原要塞NY,United States,13339

Areas Served

Chenango,Delaware county,Fulton,Saratoga,Schenectady,Albany,Hamilton


根据该杂志的成本价值研究Remodeling",midrange projects to replace a garage door cost on average $1,547 in the Middle Atlantic.In fact,中大西洋地区的房屋出售时平均可收回其车库门成本的71.4%。


  • Choose from over 15 different models
  • Try out our different patterns and colors
  • Add windows
  • 上传你自己家的照片,看看新车库门的外观。188bet金宝博


*This is according to the 2013 Cost vs.杂志改版的价值研究。

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Cambridge garage door,伊士曼车库门和加州车库门

Why are Garaga doors particularly suited for Utica,NY

Utica,NY garage door expert network is simply the best

GARAGA garage doorexperts who are providing services in theUtica,NYregion have a thorough knowledge ofgarage doorsand understand the weather aspects and the architectural character of the region.As a result,they can offer you the best solutions and guide you in choosing thegarage door system非常适合该地区的建筑特点,your project's requirements,以及你的喜好。You can trust the experts in this field when choosing the住宅车库门for best suited for your 188bet金宝博home.There are different aspects you have to consider before buying it,and the experts will help you make the right choice.The perfectgarage door system因为考虑到车库与房子的位置,你必须是完美的搭配。its intended use,以及所需的绝缘等级。After establishing these aspects,you will need to choose a车库门开启器model and accessories.Finally,you will have to choose the model,color,模式,window panes,and hardware.

Why is LiftMaster the door opener brand most recommended in Utica,NY

升降机是最值得信赖的品牌garage door openers.The车库门experts in theUtica,NYarea recommend it for numerous reasons.

升降机张伯伦集团,在这个领域有着悠久历史的公司。他们的专业知识是通过高质量和可靠的产品来证明的。The车库门专家见证LiftMaster garage door openers耐用性。

升降机garage door openers are manufactured to answer any specific need and are easy to use.As an example,you will have to choose a model that allows quiet operation if a bedroom is located above the garage.升降机车库门开启器适用于所有类型的门。In addition,,升降机offers a large range of accessories ensuring the safe handling of the车库门.


The best possible operation of agarage door system由其专业人员确保安装由合格的技术人员定期检查。Choosing expert services will guarantee its reliable,safe,持久耐用。The experts providing安装,,修理,and/ormaintenanceofresidentialcommercial garage doors在里面Utica,NYregion are detail oriented and their services are of the highest quality.

If you want to avoid unexpected problems,you can sign up for anannual maintenanceprevention program.Our teams will be happy to inspect yourgarage door system.定期维护将保证您的garage door system年复一年!!

Driving Directions

Colonial Overhead Doors

From Utica,纽约到约翰斯顿,NY

Pointer Map-A Utica,NY
Drive 46.0 mi,59 min
遵循genesee st to ny 5s e/oriskany st e 最小0.2 mi/1
1。 Head southeast on Washington Ln toward Genesee St 66 ft
2. Take the 1stleft onto Genesee St 0.2米
继续在纽约-5S E。Take NY‑5 E to New Turnpike Rd in Ephratah 39.8 mi / 49 min
三。 Slight right onto NY‑5S E / Oriskany St E
继续关注NY-5S E
4. 左转到E主大街 0.2米
5. 继续到莫霍克街 0.3 mi
6。 Slight left onto S Caroline St 0.2米
7。 Take the 1st就在纽约州‑5 E/W州ST
Continue to follow NY‑5 E
19.0 mi
8。 Turn left onto NY‑67 E 6.1 mi
Continue onto New Turnpike Rd 最小3.6 mi/6
轻微右移到纽约67 E
Destination will be on the right
2.4 mi / 3 min
指针MAP-B 1272纽约67,Johnstown,NY 12095,USA


From Utica,NY to Fort Plain,NY

Pointer Map-A Utica,NY
Drive 32.8 mi,48 min
1。 Head southeast on Washington Ln toward Genesee St 66 ft / 2 s
Take NY‑5S E and NY‑168 E to Brookmans Corners Rd in Minden 32.8 mi / 48 min
2. Take the 1stleft onto Genesee St 0.2米
三。 Slight right onto NY‑5S E / Oriskany St E
继续关注NY-5S E
4. 右转到沃伦街 0.2米
5. Continue onto Columbia St 0.7 mi
6。 Turn left onto NY‑168 E / Hammond St
继续关注NY‑168 E
14.0 mi
7。 左转进入RTE 80 E状态 1.1米
8。 以2为例right onto Moyer Ln 0.3 mi
9. Continue onto Mill Ln 1.5 mi
10. 右转到布鲁克曼角路-Destination will be on the left 1.1米
指针MAP-B 715 Brookmans Corners Rd,平原要塞NY 13339,USA

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