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斯坦福CT averages 33.9 degrees F in winter.You need a well-insulated garage door to keep the heat inside and the cold out.没有比在实验室里看着他们与其他人进行测试更好的方法来理解我们产品的质量。






Your door is only as good as its installation.这就是为什么Garaga为其客户提供了一个由认证安装人员组成的网络。来自特纳夫莱,NJ,to Bethel,CT,对林德赫斯特,NJ,to Danbury,CT,you can benefit from over 90 years of combined experience!!

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卑尔根县布鲁克林,哈德逊县Long Island,New York,Rockland,Northern NJ,韦斯特切斯特县


According to a cost-value study made by the magazine"重塑”,更换车库门的中型项目平均成本为1美元,547在中大西洋。事实上,houses in Middle Atlantic recoup an average of 71.4% of their garage door cost when they are sold.

188bet金宝博登录now with our Design Centre to:

  • 从15种不同型号中选择
  • 尝试我们不同的图案和颜色
  • 添加窗口
  • Upload a photo of your own 188bet金宝博home to see how it looks with a new garage door.

Top 2 most popular door models in Stamford,CT: Acadia 138,标准+


Cambridge garage door,Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Why are Garaga doors the most recommended in Stamford

A network of garage doors sales,安装,斯坦福德的维修专家,CT

获得一个新的garage door是一项重要的投资。You have high expectations so you want to be sure to choose the best among the multitude of options offered to you!On top of revealing the personality of the house's inhabitants,一garage door,when appropriately selected,enhances the visual appearance of the property and,as a result,提高其转售价值。因此,与一家专门从事这一领域的公司开展业务是一个成功的战略。

Our specialists in车库门in斯坦福CTare familiar with the climate and architecture of the region,因此,他们能够为您提供关于最适合的garage doorfor your house,同时确保其外观与您的环境完美结合。

Here is a glimpse at the various important elements to consider in order to better choose your nextgarage door:


- Color: a whole palette of colors is available

- Pattern: various finishes and textures allow for extra personalization

- Windows: add elegance to yourgarage doorand let natural light shine into your garage



-可选配件,方便您使用garage doorand your开门器: emergency battery,MyQ system,键盘外,etc.

The reasons why LiftMaster is the number one garage door opener brand in Stamford,CT

Supported by their vast experience in the field,,斯坦福CTspecialists recommendLiftMaster garage door openers原因很明显:它们的质量,their reliability,and their durability.Indeed,the unbelievable robustness of their车库门开启器has never proved professionals wrong since the beginning.鉴于其在市场中的领先地位,theLiftMaster品牌,produced by张伯伦集团,satisfies all of the industry's evolving demands,and its products are equally reliable and innovative.

Safety is another factor ofLiftMasterproducts that 188bet金宝博homeowners and experts consider.For this reason,they use an infrared system to detect objects or people while the door is in use.

也,这些开门器用途广泛,使用简单。They can be used with all models ofgarage doors,它们可以满足各种特定的需求。例如,if your garage is attached to the house,你可以选一个安静点的开门器to avoid disturbing your family when you use it.


安装一个garage door需要知识和专业知识。当你让我们斯坦福CT专家安装您的garage door,you can be sure to end up with an efficient,durable,安全系统。您的门将保持完全运行,因为它将得到适当的平衡,and its weatherproofing will also be checked.避免过早磨损,你会有一个garage doorthat you can easily open or close with a single hand.

我们的斯坦福CT专业人员在安装时要特别小心,修复,and maintaining住宅的orcommercial garage doors.Be sure to also sign up for our年度调整计划in order to prevent any issues.Not only will it save you time and money,but our team will personally come perform an inspection and预防性维护on yourgarage door.This means that you can continue to freely enjoy the peace and comfort of your 188bet金宝博home.

Driving Directions

Design Garage Doors

From Stamford,CT to Tenafly,新泽西州

指针映射 斯坦福CT
Drive 37.8 miles,50分钟
从华盛顿大道上I-95 S 1.0 mi / 3 min
1. 在大西洋街向北朝着路德街 0.1 mi
2。 左转到布罗德街 0.2米
3. Turn left onto Washington Blvd 0.6 mi
4. Turn right to merge onto I‑95 S 0.1 mi
Follow I‑95 S and I‑287 W to US‑9W S / Hillside Ave in South Nyack.Take exit 10 from I‑287 W / I‑87 N 24.9 mi / 26 min
5. 合并到I-95 S-Entering New York 7.9 mi
6. 从21号出口驶向White Plains/Tapan Zee Bridge。 0.2米
7. 合并到I-287 W 11.2米
8. Merge onto I‑287 W / I‑87 N 5.0 mi
9. Take exit 10 to merge onto US‑9W S / Hillside Ave 0.6 mi
Continue on US‑9W S / Hillside Ave.
最小11.9 mi/22
10。 合并到我们‑9W S/希尔赛德大街 3.7米
11. Sharp right onto Highland Ave 0.1 mi
12. 有权住在高地大道 121英尺
13。 以1为例ST左至纽约340 E
1.4 mi
14. Continue onto Piermont Rd 4.1 mi
15. 继续行驶到县道 2.4 mi
16. 右转到中央大道 249 ft
17. 以1为例ST就在哈罗德街
Destination will be on the left
0.1 mi
Pointer Map-B 57 Harold St,Tenafly,NJ 07670,美国

Bethel Overhead Doors

From Stamford,CT to Bethel,CT

指针映射 斯坦福CT
Drive 28.3 miles,44 min
从布罗德街和格雷洛克街上车 最小0.9 mi/3
1. 在大西洋街向北朝着路德街 0.1 mi
2。 Take the 2就在布罗德街 0.1 mi
3. 右转到格雷洛克pl 0.3米
4. 继续到运河街 240英尺
5. Turn left onto S State St 69 ft
6. 左转进入I-95 N,向纽黑文方向行驶。 0.2米
遵循I-95 N,US‑7 N and Danbury Rd to CT‑107 E / School St in Wilton 18.7 mi / 26 min
7. 合并到I-95 N 7.1米
8. Take exit 15 to merge onto US‑7 N toward Norwalk / Danbury 4米
9. 右拐到我们-7 N/格里斯特米尔路
10。 以1为例ST左至主大街 0.4 mi
11. 继续到我们-7 N/丹伯里路 1.5 mi
12. Turn left onto CT‑33 N / US‑7 N / Danbury Rd
Continue to follow US‑7 N / Danbury Rd
0.6 mi
Take Umpawaug Rd and CT‑53 N to Taylor Ave in Bethel 最小8.7_mi/15_
13。 右转到CT‑107 E/School ST
Continue to follow CT‑107 E
14. Slight left onto Umpawaug Rd 3.5米
15. Turn left onto CT‑53 N 2.1米
16. Slight right onto Nashville Rd 1米
17. Slight left onto Taylor Ave
Pointer Map-B 20 Taylor Ave,BethelCT 06801,美国


From Stamford,CT to Danbury,CT

指针映射 斯坦福CT
在贝德福德,沿着长岭路到纽约N/坎蒂托圣/旧邮政路。 最小13.0 mi/22
1. 在大西洋街向北朝着路德街 0.1 mi
2。 左转到布罗德街 0.2米
3. 右转到华盛顿大道 1.2 mi
4. 一直走到冷泉路 0.3米
5. Turn left onto Long Ridge Rd -Entering New York 10.3 mi
6. Turn left onto NY‑172 W / Pound Ridge Rd 0.8米
7. 稍微右移到乡村绿地上 0.1 mi
按照NY-22 N,I‑684 N and I‑84 E to Farview Ave in Danbury.Take exit 5 from I‑84 E 24.1 mi / 27 min
8. 继续前往纽约‑22 N/坎蒂托圣/旧邮政路-继续关注NY-22 N 5.1米
9. Turn left onto NY‑35 W 0.3米
10。 右转进入684 N匝道 0.2米
11. Merge onto I‑684 N 9.9 mi
12. 从9E出口到州际公路84 E,朝丹伯里方向行驶。 0.4 mi
13。 Merge onto I‑84 E -Entering Connecticut 8.0 mi
14. 从5号出口向Farview Ave走 0.1 mi
Take White St to Federal Rd 1.9 mi / 6 min
15. Turn right onto Farview Ave 0.3米
16. Turn left onto Franklin St 0.2米
17. 以1为例ST就在主街上 0.3米
18. Turn left onto White St 1米
19. Slight left onto Federal Rd
Destination will be on the left
Pointer Map-B 26 Federal Rd,丹伯里CT 06810,美国